Super cheap Dell laptops/desktops

Looking for a laptop on a budget? Are you a student? Want to find a laptop for less then $500 with a warranty? Not to mention Dell really does make great laptops. Check out this URL:

These are refurbished Dell laptops, dekstops, and other equipment for dirt cheap. I even found a laptop for $288 without the OS. Not getting Windows with the laptop/desktop will save $70+. There’s nothing wrong with refurbished equipment, its like buying a used car from the manufacturer. Would you turn down a late model Mercedes for half the cost of a new one? Just because it was sent back to Mercedes, repaired, completely inspected, and then put back on the market with a warranty.

The only thing you need to worry about is the hard drive. These do wear out over time and the more use the faster it will wear down. As with any computer make sure you back up your data because you never know when it will die. Other then that computers tend to run for years. I have a Dell Optiplex from 1998 that still runs, with a 10 year old hard drive in it.

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