Hey there, thanks for visiting! I’m Mike Kauspedas, a sys admin working in the cloud mostly with Microsoft. This blog is mainly a collection of notes for myself that I’ve also tried to format for public consumption. I try to post the odd issues I don’t regularly find solutions for online. Hopefully one of my pots has given you a hand. As of 2015 I’ve been working for an awesome company called Customerville. Customerville is a Customer Experience company that helps other businesses collect feedback on customer experience. You’d be surprised how complex that can get on the IT side. Recently I lead us through a SOC II Type 2 audit for security and converted our MSSQL vms and databases over to AzureSQL. I’ve written and enforced all our IT security policies and controls for SOC and GDPR compliance. Customerville has provided a lot of great experience in Azure combined with compliance and security. Still not sure how I feel about this compliance stuff, but it needs to be done and it’s part of IT regardless of how much I like spending 8 hours in MS word writing policies.

Speaking of Azure. Here’s how this blog works. First, it’s WordPress in case you couldn’t tell. Way back in the day I tried to learn how to code and started with Coldfusion and wrote my own blog. But I was dumb and WordPress is much better and easier. Since I’ve been using WordPress well before they had a hosting option I’ve continued to maintain my own WordPress install and database. The database is running MySQL on a local mysql install inside the Azure app. Before Azure I had a server running IIS + MySQL, and at one point a LAMP (linux, apache, MySQL, php) setup but maintaining servers and updates and paying for them sucks. This is the future, bah with you server! Or should I say meh? Inside Azure I have a single web app running on a¬†Shared: 0 Small app service (web worker). Once Azure released MySQL in App I jumped on it because, well it’s free. The site runs through CloudFlare (free) and I use their free SSL. To get that working you can check out my article here.

Other than IT I road and mountain bike, run, hike and other normal outdoorsy things. I have 3 kids that occupy most of the non working hours.

On the right side bar you can find 2 small things to help pay the hosting bill. My Ting referral link, they are the best mobile service company in the world, and maybe the cheapest. Those two usually don’t go together. I’ve been a customer since 2012 and still love them and my tiny bill. Since 2013 I’ve put a small Google adsense ad which has netted me a whole $300 smackers (that’s $300 total from 2013-2018). If you’d be so kind as to disable your adblock/uBlock I might get a few more pennies to keep the Azure app going. Or not and I’ll just convert to a free one. Meh.