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Comcast vs Qwest Speed Test

I switched over to Qwest DSL a few months ago because Comcast kept dropping my connection. I’d been so satisfied with Qwest’s reliability that I kept them when I moved as well. Especially since I was moving to a highrise building. I figured the line would be saturated. But since DirectTV has the worst customer […]

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How to fix ATI image scaling with Windows 7

For some reason in Windows 7 and with the ATI driver you get this crappy image scaling even at native res on the LCD. It makes things look a little off and not as crisp. I found the fix. What that pompous prick meant to say was. 1. Open ATI CCC (catalyst Control Center). […]

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Template denied access to error in ColdFusion

Re-did security at GearHost with some better sandbox configurations and stronger security. Of course this broke weird stuff like the cf tag for PDFs. I think its just cfpdf. Here’s the error. Security: The requested template has been denied access to applications\GearHost.pdf. The following is the internal exception message: access denied ( applications\GearHost.pdf read) I […]

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