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Change network adapter priority in Windows 10

Turns out Windows 10 is missing the old network adapter priority under advanced settings. Remember this? Noticed my wireless adapter had priority while I was uploading some VHD’s to Azure. When I checked the priority I saw I was missing something. No Adapaters and Bindings tab. After a quick search online I discovered they removed […]

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Blocked 3 Asian Pacific subnets

Tired of logs full of connection attempts from hosts in these subnets. All from Asian Pacific IPs. So I just blocked 3 /8’s. That’s over 16 million IP’s per subnet. I wish there was a process for revoking IP’s from abusive users. If you want to block them here are the subnets I blocked and […]

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The blog has been updated

Now featuring https. For years I’ve been wanting to enable https but WordPress fought me tooth and nail on it (thanks SEO friendly rewriting). Well, I finally figured it out. ?Simply changing the URL in settings was not working, neither was the wp-config by itself. Here is what I ended up adding to wp-config.php. I […]

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