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More on Wincache + WordPress + IIS 7

I just found this blog post on and applied it to my WordPress site. The site does seem a lot faster but it could be the car wash effect. You know, when you get your car washed and somehow it makes it faster. Also known as the gas tank effect.

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Windows 2008 + Railo + IIS 7

I recently had the pleasure of figuring out how to get Railo working for a customer. Unfortunately the internet doesn’t convey my extreme sarcasm in saying the word pleasure. It was not pleasant. For one, there is very limited documentation. So limited that it’s hard to determine what version you should install. Despite all this […]

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PHP 5.2.13 + IIS 7 + Wincache

MikeSaysMeh dot com is now running on PHP 5.2.13 with IIS 7 and Wincache. Its pretty easy to install, just download the Non Thread Safe version of PHP 5 from here. and download Wincache from here, Install PHP, add wincache extension, run. Its really that simple. Just make sure you use the non […]

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