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Actual Search and Replace in Files

In regards to my post on the iframe hack I mentioned searching through the files and replacing the injected script. We didn’t search by hand. We used an application that scans files and looks for search string. It’s called Actual Search and Replace and worked great. You can search for a single line of […]

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iframe hack

For the past 2 weeks we have been dealing with an iframe hack on one of our shared servers. It is a nightmare. I’ve been on the phone with Symantec for a few hours, worked all night, etc. Basically what has been happening is someone has found a way to add the everyone group with […]

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Dell vs Macbook

I currently have a first gen white Macbook (my personal laptop) and my work laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9400. The Inspiron has a 17″ screen and weighs as much as a small midget. My boss asked me if I wanted a new one but I told him it wasn’t necessary. Aside from the weight […]

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