Get rid of 500 errors for WordPress in IIS

Tired of getting these errors in IIS for WordPress? This is the 500 error normally displayed when there is a website problem. But behind it is the real error, that you need to see, without logging into the web server and running it locally.

Here is one of the many wordpress errors that may be behind the infamous IIS 500 error.

How do you get to see the real error? it’s actually really simple, just login to IIS and edit the feature settings for error pages. First open IIS and go to your site. Then double click on error pages.?

On the right hand side click on edit feature settings.

Then choose detailed errors and click ok.

Oh, you don’t have access to IIS because you’re on a shared hosting provider? Just edit your web.config file and add this line near the very bottom, just above /system.webserver.

<httpErrors errorMode=”Detailed” />

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