Author: mindaugas

Azure – turn off AlwaysOn to save memory

Simple script to turn off AlwaysOn to save memory for dev/test apps. Not recommended for production apps since this will cause your app to sleep and that first request will take a while as the app wakes up. We saved enough memory to consolidate our test apps into one app service plan. For some reason […]

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Dell Inspiron 7348 Sm Bus Controller driver for Windows 10

It’s the synaptics touchpad driver. This one worked for me. … and, I have not posted to this blog in well over a year. Wow. I’ve just been chugging along doing the needful. Or, tbh, I’ve been doing a lot of compliance and security and a lot less obscure errors and break fix. But […]

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Redis timeouts when used for session storage

Was seeing a lot of timeout errors in our apps in Azure through app insights. A lot meaning more than 50 per hour. Not to mention sporadic down time. All the timeouts were trying to talk to our redis caches that we use as simple session storage. Timeout performing EVAL, inst: 1, mgr: Inactive, err: […]

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