It all began with a Diamond Stealth III video card

The very first time I got serious about computers was when I decided to buy a video card to upgrade, so I could play Delta Force. I don’t remember exactly what I had at the time, in fact I don’t even think it was my PC. I’m pretty sure it was my parents PC, and it was an ugly little HP or Compaq that had IGD and only a PCI slot. So my first video card wasn’t even AGP 🙁 Not that it mattered since I had no idea there was a difference at the time. I just walked into CompUSA and bought something off the shelf. And that something was a Diamond Multimedia Stealth III S540 PCI 32M. The PCI was for the PCI slot, and the 32M was 32MB of RAM. Which was actually twice what other video cards had at the time like the Nvidia TNT and Voodoo cards. And I could play Delta Force, and Delta Force 2, and it was great.

And I still have that video card. And it still works. And I will love it forever and keep it forever because it is the birth place of what I do now.

Along with those pics I found some related links. Of course no one reviewed the crappy little PCI one, and the card wasn’t that great.

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