Enter engineering mode on an EMC VNX

You can enter engineering mode in Unisphere on an EMC array by holding down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F12. Enter the password messner. What does engineering mode get you? You’ll see additional storage groups such as ~management that may have straggler hosts connected to them.

I had an issue removing hosts from the hosts list in Unisphere. It turns out you have to enter engineering mode and remove the connections themselves. It’s a pain. After you enter engineering mode you can then navigate to your storage groups, select the one with the hosts attached and then click on connectivity status.

After that you have to select each link and de-register them one by one. I had 10 hosts in the list to de-register with 8 links each. 15 minutes I’d like back.


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  1. Is there anyway to put in and out of engineering mode on the command line?

  2. cirtain naviseccli commands can be accompanies with -messner. For example if you want to what EFD drives comprise FAST Cache mirror pairs you would run “naviseccli -h -getrg -messger

  3. no you can’t take it out of engineering mode from the command line.

  4. Can we take Storage Pool from Offline mode to Online in Engineering mode? It happened because of power outage.

  5. Is there anyone faced with my problem
    my problem is that i cant use USM to do servicing jobs like
    adding hardware or software or changing the mgmt ip
    VNX systems need any registration to use the system?

  6. I added the hosts using wrong IP’s due to some miss-understanding of IP’s.
    Now I have de-registered the initiators..
    Any idea how to get back the initiators do I need to plug in plug out FC cables?
    Please suggest

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