How to fix server manager not responding in Windows Server 2012 on Hyper-V

After gleefully blogging about my recent forced Windows 8 experience I decided to start up a Windows Server 2012 VM. I’ve been hearing about all the new improvements and wanted to check them out first hand. The issue was the refresh of server manager, it would run fine and then suddenly become unresponsive. Since Microsoft is forcing the server manager on us (which will probably be a good thing) it’s pretty frustrating to have it become unresponsive and then kill it. the fix is to simply change the refresh interval so it’s less frequent. By default it is set to 10 minutes, I increased mine to 60 minutes. You can manually refresh it at any time by clicking on tasks and then refresh.

To increase the refresh time within server manager click on Manage –> Server Manager Properties. Change the value to whatever you want.

I’m running off a celeron processor and sata drives which many of you wouldn’t consider a server, but for my own goofing around it works fine. Sometimes frustratingly slow, but it works. Most of you probably won’t run into this issue since your equipment is probably a lot better 🙂

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