Author: mindaugas

Just encrypt the virtual machine Azure

Ran into an issue trying to encrypt the disks of a new VM in Azure. After running the cmdlet to encrypt the disks the vm would reboot and then Azure would stop it. Never figured out why, I ended up rebuilding it with new disks and creating a new script from a different Azure doc. […]

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Change event log properties with powershell

I have some specifics requirements for the Windows event logs on Azure VMs. This comes form the need to offload IO, save the event logs somewhere, and archive them instead of overwriting. Yes, I have a SIEM but I have reasons. Anyway, for anyone else that needs to change the following properties: Log Path Archive […]

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How to beat data caps

Data caps suck, especially if you work from home. That’s why I dedicated some time to finding a way to get fast internet, without the caps. I recently moved from Seattle to Boise. I left Seattle just as Xfinity was beginning to monitor data caps. There was a limit of 1TB on my 250Mbs down […]

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