Author: mindaugas

Living without Microsoft Office

Living without Microsoft Office is really easy. No seriously, follow these steps. 1. Download OpenOffice. Open Office is open source software from Sun, it include a word editor, spreadsheet creator, presentation creator, database creator, even a math program. It can open and read almost all Office files and you can even save your files in […]

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iPhone vs My Phone

I too am lambasted by the incredible uberness of the iPhone. It is one incredible piece of technology. I once had the top of the line cell phone, the Cingular 8525. It eats blackberries with a side of envy and a big scoop of pwn. But the iPhone has taken that away with its slick […]

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Video dead on Dell Inspiron 9400

This is kind of a weird one. I woke up this morning to find a blue screen coming from my laptop. I was currently booted into Windows XP (I dual boot with both Vista and XP) so I figured it was some dumb XP issue. When I tried rebooting though it just crashed and rebooted […]

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