How to fix ATI image scaling with Windows 7

For some reason in Windows 7 and with the ATI driver you get this crappy image scaling even at native res on the LCD. It makes things look a little off and not as crisp. I found the fix.

What that pompous prick meant to say was.

1. Open ATI CCC (catalyst Control Center).

2. Go to Desktops and Displays and on the bottom click on the triangle in the LCD then click on configure. You’ll notice image scaling is greyed out.

3. Leave the window open and right click on your desktop then click on screen resolution. Change the resolution to one below your LCD native (my native is 1680×1050 so I chose 1440×900) click on apply after choosing. Click on keep changes prompt, then click on the ATI CCC window.

4. At this point you should be able to adjust the scaling. Click the check box to enable image scaling and then click the bubble for Use Centered Timings. Click apply, go back to resolution and set back to native.

Voila, crispiness.

My PC:
Phenom X3 720
Radeon 4870 1GB
4GB OCZ 1066
I can play Simcity and Eve at the same time, yay!


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  1. Except that this does not work for me. I do as that post says, then I start WarCraft3, and I have wide image instead of centered 4:3 image.

    • Your LCD could be scaling the image as well. I know on my LCD I have to actually turn off the auto-scaling. That may be a contributing factor to the overall issue. I also found that this fix only works until you reboot. Once you reboot yer PC it goes back to fuzzy scaling. I wish ATI would fix this issue, we used to be able to disable that scaling through CCC.

  2. Works for me. Thanks very much.

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