Classic Gaming with DOSbox and Simcity 2000 on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X

My love for Simcity began in the early 90’s with Simcity Classic. My family had just moved to Colorado from Omaha and we were staying with my uncle while they finished work on the house. I was first introduced to it when my uncle let me use his super fast 486 PC. I would sit for hours playing, and then let the game run by itself while my budget went up. I engrossed myself in every aspect trying to figure out the perfect measure of industrial, residential, and commercial lots. When Simcity 2000 came out my family’s PC was too slow to run it. I saved up every penny from babysitting and mowing lawns so I could buy a Sega Saturn, then I bought Simcity 2000. What followed were more countless hours building massive cities and trying to populate them with the Arcologies which were cities within cities. All this was followed by Simcity 3000, Simcity 4, then Simcity 4 with the Rush Hour expansion pack. A game I still play today more than any other. In fact you can now download hundreds of custom buildings and add-ons making the game even more incredible and realistic.I even have Simcity on my iphone.

Custom mods, add-ons, buildings, and maps for Simcity 4 Rush Hour / Deluxe can be found on these sites.

But I’m not writing about the newer version of Simcity today. Because I recently fell back in love with Simcity 2000 and I can still play it on Mac OS X, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 with DOSBox. (Even in Win7 x64!)

Anyone who hasn’t used DOS before are going to need to know a few commands first. DOSbox is a DOS emulator so all the commands work just the same but DOSbox also comes with some new ones for mounting CD’s, folders, etc. DOSbox for me has worked great with SC2k out of the box, so to speak. I haven’t had to change anything with the settings or setup a config file. Here are some simple instructions.

1. Download DOSbox for whatever OS you are using ( and install it.

2. Downloads Simcity 2000 ( its free!) After you have downloaded it extract the files into a folder called SC2000 and put that on the root of your C: drive.

3. Run DOSbox and type int he following command at the Z:\ prompt. “mount c c:\sc2000” (without the “”). This will mount the sc2000 folder as the C: drive so you can navigate to it in dosbox. Another option is to create a folder on C: called DOSgames and put all your games in there within separate directories. I currently have one with Simcity Classic, Simcity 2000, and Simant.

4. After the game folder is mounted you can navigate into it by typing “c:” at the z:\ prompt. This will automatically move you into the c mount. You can then type “dir” to get a directory listing and find the exe you need to run. Or just type “sc2000” to run the game.

A few other commands for browsing DOS:
cd is change directory. Example would be “cd C:\sc2000”
cd \ will take you to the root.
cd.. will go up one directory

I leave you with some wonderful images of Simcity 2000 in action.

But what about Mac? Follow the instructions above, download DOSbox?Download Boxer for Mac OS. Simply follow the really easy instructions that come with Boxer.

Put the sc2000 folder in your user directory. For example \users\mkauspe\sc2000. (Above the doucments and downloads folder).

Use the command “mount c ~/sc2000” instead, it will mount that sc2000 folder in the users directory as C:\.

Game plays the same with music and sound!


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  1. Can you e-mail me. Everything worked awesome!!! I was wondering if there is a way that you can make the screen any larger.

  2. i played the original SimCity in the 90’s and until now i still play the latest version of SimCity.~`

  3. Hi – I know this was posted a long time ago, but I was wondering if you’d know wtf – when I try this, it says it requires Windows, and won’t run. Do you know how to get past this?

  4. what the heck, could your instructions be more methodical, maybe if you videoed this I would learn faster and better!

    Because your instructions are for bright people who know this crap what you typed, but I’m a straight forward person and require more in-detail and methodical means of learning!

    • You’re welcome, for the free instructions I placed on the internet to help you play an old game, no longer supported, on an operating system it shouldn’t run on. You should google “how to be a decent human being”, I image there are articles and videos online to help you.

  5. LOL.
    Thanks Mike for the instructions. I’m tweaking the video display size myself but your instructions were perfectly clear. Thank you for taking the time to provide support for an old classic (for free, no less).

  6. I’m glad you said that 😀

    -Thank you

  7. Bless you for breaking this down for the rest of people. We’d like even more of this! Thanks.

  8. simcity is my all time favorite game, my dad even played that game *~*

  9. 1st time reading your post, it’s pretty good, you show good ideas, I will come back.

  10. Great work. I haven’t had much time to test it out yet, but so far everything looks great on my x64 Windows 7 laptop. My next goal is to get SimTower (also available from Abandonia) working in a similar fashion.

  11. It’s realy work!!

    thank you thank you so much 🙂

  12. SimCity is the best, so damn addicting game. i used to play the original version when i was just a kid-;-

  13. Windows Vista actually sucks, it is full of bugs and very unstable:,’

  14. the original version of Sim City is quite funny because of the very poor graphics compared to the latest release of Sim City:.’

  15. SimCity is a classic city simulator game which i used to play in the early 90’s (the original version) ~~~

  16. how do you build a power plant?

  17. Is there a download for the original sim city?

  18. I downloaded simcity on my windows xp with the disc, and then a windows vista with the website. They work the same, maybe the vista version even better! Thanks!

  19. This is not working for me, mac dont use a “c” drive labeling system like windows has D drive and C drive. When you download a game to mac it goes in the applications folder. All I want to do is play sim city 2000 and 3000 on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.8 Everywhere I go online I download the emulated game and it comes are garbled, probably because its a windows download and not a mac download. DOSbox is running fine on my mac but all the sim city games are for windows. I have not played this game in years because new systems for whatever BULLSHIT reason cant run them and now with OS X I dont have the OS Classic anymore. Someone please help, I just want to play these games.

  20. Yea….its works for Windows…as always but we Mac users get shit on all the time.

  21. says I cant mount because it does not exists, I put it all in the SC2000 folder. Macs change all the time, my 2010 Macbook pro running os 10.5.8 does no have a directory folder, above the documents folder is the applications folder which is where my diablo II folder is, but DOSbox is still not opening up the SC2000 folder.

  22. Very nice. I got it working on Intel Mac with OS X 10.5.8.

    1) Downloaded Dosbox
    2) Downloaded Simcity zip file, extracted and copied it under User directory where Documents, Downloads and other user folders are with the name SC2000 (any name with easy access is ok)
    3) Ran Dosbox, used commands:
    a) “mount c ~/SC2000” (to mount the Simcity folder to drive C)
    b) “C:” (to switch to drive C)
    c) “sc2000.exe” (to run the game)

    4) (optional) added above commands to Dosbox autoexecution section at the end of preferences file at ~/user/Library/Preferences/DOSBox (version) Preferences. Last: made a shortcut / alias of the dosbox execution file to run the game from desktop.

  23. Once in dosbox I receive the following message:

    “The video card you have selected is not found. Please re-install and verify that your video card is supported”

    I have an AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics card on a windows 7 (64 bit) laptop. Any thoughts?

  24. I don’t get part 4 of the instructions. Everything else if fine but when it comes to “Or just type “sc2000″ to run the game”, it’s doesn’t work.

  25. AWESOME. Explained it better than another site. xD I got it working and now I’m happy. xD

  26. can you help me download simcity2000 so i can use it on dosbox7.4

  27. Hi, thank you for having the time to explain all this to the world for free. I am not exactly a computer whiz but I know my way around a bit. I can’t really play, when I do everything and then type in “sc2000” in the dosbox it says illegal command. I have never used dosbox before so I am not familiar what to do, can you help me? I love this game, I played with my brother a lot when I was a kid and just thought of it last week, I wanna play again!!!!!

  28. The website you linked to makes you pay for it. Not free.

  29. It says i have to pay

  30. So I have mac os x 10.6.8
    I downloaded dosbox fine. I downloaded Simcity 2000 from the website linked for 5.99. I then moved the file to my user file and mounted it to c: in dosbox then switched to c:. but when i try sc2000.exe it tells me i “this program must be run under Win32”. What’d I do wrong??

  31. I can’t get the visuals to work. I’m getting sound but no picture…any tips?

  32. I havnt a clue what the fuck im doing?

  33. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Classic Gaming with DOSbox and Simcity 2000 on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X Mike Says Meh .

  34. I just want to play simcity 2000……..on 64 bit WTF

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