Dell Zino is Mac Mini competition?

Pretty interesting little PC from Dell. If only it came with blu-ray it would make a killer media PC, same with Apple.

The Dell Zino HD sporting options like a dual core AMD CPU, up to 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive (7200rpm as well) and a Radeon 4330 with 512MB RAM, surely at least WoW capable. This would make an excellent media PC and they start at just $249. Dell should also go with a slot loading DVDRW.

Dell Zino HD

mac mini
Whereas the Mac Mini here starts at $599, but it does feature slightly better hardware. Intel Core 2 Duo, DDR3, etc. I know the Mac mini is WoW capable because my Macbook is. And that is always important. Apple store reps response when I asked if I could get a blu-ray player for my Macbook “everyone streams everything now.” Yes we all stream, but no one streams f’n blu-ray, jesus. I just want to be able to bring my BD’s with me on trips, or to school 🙂

Apple Mac Mini

I wonder what awesome small form factor cases are available. Maybe I can finally make a tiny inconspicuous media PC/Mac. I wonder if my old macbook can handle 720p?

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