How to fix: SCVMM 2012 The remote computer could not authenticated due to problems with its security certificate

Getting this error in your System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012 console?

scvmm2012-cert issue


This is because the certificate for the host the VM resides on is not trusted. All you have to do is install the certificate into your trusted root on the machine you are connecting from and the connection will work. Here’s how.

1. When you get the error, click on view?certificate then install.

scvmm2012-cert issue2


2. Choose local machine and then make sure to install into your Trust Root Certificate Authorites.

scvmm2012-cert issue3


3. Now just reconnect to the console and it should work.

If you have multiple hosts in a cluster or stand alone , you will need to do this for each host you connect to.

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