Intel Core i5 4670k + MSI Z87-G45 4.4GHz Overclock

I’ve been going back and forth overclocking my haswell 4670k. MSI has a built in overclocking button called overclock genie, which would take the CPU to 4GHz but I don’t trust auto overclocking and I did have some crashes happen with apps and games. So after reading some more guides and seeing what others are getting with the same setup I took another stab. The results of my efforts is an extra 1GHz from 3.4GHz to 4.4GHz. Here are my settings. These can be found in the BIOS under the OC menu.

CPU ratio Mode – Fixed (makes all the cores the same speed)
CPU Ratio – 44 (44×100=4400MHz)
Ring Bus Ratio – 35 (3500MHz)
VCCIN – 1.9v (CPU input voltage)
CPU Core Voltage – 1.14v
CPU ring Voltage – Auto
All voltage modes are set to adaptive

Remember that all CPU’s are different, my settings won’t necessarily give you the same results even with the same hardware. I run this with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo 2. Here are my temps.

Idle temp – 27-30C (82-86F)
IntelBurnTest (IBT) – 77-81C (170-177F)
Prime95 Small – 74-80C (165-176F)
Aida64 Stress Test – 64-69C (147-156F)
BattleField 4 64v64 multiplayer one round – 53-58C (127-136F)

As you can see the temperatures vary greatly depending on what you use to test. When I first ran IBT I was concerned with the high temps but after running a round of BF4 and seeing the CPU never climbed that high I felt comfortable.

More resources and guides below.
Nice in-depth guide
General overclocking help via reddit
Very quick video guide but pretty much same settings, motherboard, and proc as I have.

**Update. I think it’s important to note that I have my voltages set to adaptive which means they can go up and down. I did this because I still want the power saving features of the CPU and a lower voltage and idle temperature when the PC isn’t being used. But this also means my voltage climbs up under load. The highest I have seen it from testing is 1.24v and that is only under IBT and Prime95. 1.16v is where it runs under BF4 and the x264 stress test.

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