Missing the Project Workspace Template?

I recently got to deploy Project Server 2003 and Sharepoint Services 2.0. 2.0 because I wasn’t sure if 3.0 was going to work and the instructions referenced 2.0. There’s a longer story behind that and a big nightmare trying to get things to work which lead me to use what I knew would be compatible. Anyway, I got it all installed but ran into an issue trying to configure Sharepoint Services in Project Web Access. I kept getting this error:

The Project Workspace template is missing from the Web Server running Windows Sharepoint Services

So I more reading and research and quickly figured out I didn’t run the Windows Sharepoint Services Configuration Wizard (wsscw) during the install. But where is the wsscw found? Its actually quite obvious (read that and the next line with a haughty level of sarcasm, the obvious sarcasm that Brits use.). Why, the Windows Sharepoint Services Configuration Wizard is on the Project Server CD of course. Pop in the CD or mount the ISO and autoplay it then just go to the sharepoint services menu.

I know a lot of you are reading this thinking “what a n00b”. But thanks to my past experience trying to get everything running for this customer I was under the impression that everything I had to do was extremely difficult and not as simple as mounting an ISO image clicking a link.

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