PHP 5.2.13 + IIS 7 + Wincache

MikeSaysMeh dot com is now running on PHP 5.2.13 with IIS 7 and Wincache. Its pretty easy to install, just download the Non Thread Safe version of PHP 5 from here. and download Wincache from here, Install PHP, add wincache extension, run. Its really that simple. Just make sure you use the non thread safe version of PHP or else you get fastcgi crashes. Another tip, if you’re running into errors open a dos prompt and run your page from there. You should get a warning box or error message that will be easier to follow. IE:

C:\PHP>php-cgi C:\inetpub\wwwroot\info.php

If you’re using Win2k8 R2 make sure yer app pool is allowing 32bit apps.

One of the other things I noticed is that php now compiles, its slow to start (like but once its going it zooms along.

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