Wells Fargo passwords are not case sensitive – fix it with MFA/2FA

Wells Fargo passwords are not case sensitive but they do offer multi-factor (2 factor) authentication. After enabling, when you login you will get a text message with a code that you need to enter in as well as your password. This is a simple and effective measure to mitigate, and should be something you use in all your accounts. Here’s how to enable it.

  1. Login to wells fargo online
  2. Click on More –> Accounts and Settings –> Profile and Settings
  3. Click on Manage Online settings –> Enhanced Sign On Options
  4. Select the bubble next to For web browsers and mobile apps and then click continue
  5. Follow the online instructions to send yourself a code and verify
  6. From now on, each time you logon you will be sent a code via text message to your phone

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