Google Adsense Public Service Ads Plague

For the life of me I could not figure out why my ads went from tech/gluten to PSA. I read blogs and articles on how to re-index, add content, change settings etc to get them to go away. But the answer was in adsense help the whole time. A while ago I verified my account for payment, it wasn’t a big deal because honestly I get next to no visitors and had very little money from it. Anyway, it turns out there was a lot more verification to do, phone number, taxes, payment method. All of that is now done so hopefully the ads change here in the next few days. I was actually clicking on some of the gluten-free ones myself, that’s how I found Rheinlander Bakery in Arvada. Full of absolutely mouth watering gluten-free treats.

I still don’t understand how adsense works but I don’t really care. Not enough people visit this blog anyway. Its mainly just to chronicle gluten-free stuff and tech stuff for web hosting.

Now to find a wordpress plugin to plague the 2 people that read this blog with ads …

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