New Toy! M-Audio Studiophile AV40

My wife went on vacation this week without me. So the first thing I did was buy a new toy I’ve been wanting for a long time. Studio monitors. Now, some of you will think I’m crazy, what do I need studio monitors for? I’m not making music or even in the music biz. The reason is simple, I like well rounded audio. I hate too much bass and too much treble. I need full well rounded sound and studio monitors do that perfectly. They aren’t even that expensive, poorly made junk from logitec with big subwoofers are just as much if not more. With my new M-Audio AV40’s I get rich full bass the way it was meant to be heard. These speakers, to me, sound as close to wearing good cans without actually wearing them. My Senheiser HD 555 still sound spectacular but I don’t like wearing headphones all the time. Now I can listed to well balanced music and my wife yelling at me for buying new speakers.

I’ve played through a lot of different music so far and the best sounding is indie rock / folk rock. Something with a lot of guitar. Electronic sounds good but since it doesn’t have a lot of that mid range frequency its not as great. Then again that music was made for crappy speakers with big sub woofers. I’m listening to the Golden State soundtrack right now and it sounds amazing. Even in mp3 quality.

I have to have it now so I got mine from Microcenter, but you can find them cheaper online.

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