How to fix DefaultBrowser_NOPUBLISHERID with Chrome in Windows 8

Activation of app DefaultBrowser_NOPUBLISHERID!Chrome failed with error: Access is denied.

Did you just install Chrome, joyfully browse with it, and allow it to be your default browser only to find now it won’t open? Me too! Chrome does not have a feature to allow it to open all links and Windows 8 has two types of links, or browsers. One is for your tiles (aka the giant start menu tablet screen) and the other is for the actual desktop. In fact you have two different IE10’s with Win8, one for tiles and the metro look and another for the desktop that looks more familiar … if you use IE. Below is how you can reset the default browser in case you selected Chrome as I did.

1.?????? From the Start screen, type Default Programs, and select the Apps filter. (You can also press windows key + Q and search for “default programs.)

2.?????? Click Default Programs in the search results.

3.?????? Click Set your Default Programs.

4.?????? Choose Internet Explorer as the default from the list.

5.?????? Select Set this program as default, and then click OK.

6.?????? Close Set Default Programs.

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